Bad Penny

Bad Penny video
Bad Penny video
Studio: Adam and Eve (1999)
Director: Bob Chinn
Runtime: 1:27:00

Bad Penny - you never know where she's going to turn up! Nina Hartley stars in the role of a lifetime! As Penny, a bored, restless newlywed, she embarks on an erotic journey you'll never forget! It will be easy finding her in the small Southern town where she goes ... just follow the trail of big tits, blowjobs, backdoor action and cunnilingus! A good feature film with a coherent script and lots of hot action ... from the Adam & Eve Premium Collection.

Scene Breakdown
1. Shaena Steele | Billy Glide
2. Nina Hartley | Tony Tedeschi
3. Shaena Steele | Tina Tyler
4. Nina Hartley | Tony Tedeschi
5. Tina Tyler | James Bonn