Superfuckers 20

Superfuckers 20 video
Superfuckers 20 video
Studio: Hustler (2002)
Director: Pierre Woodman
Runtime: 2:22:00

Hold on to your hardons, true believers! Hustler's "Superfuckers 20" is coming at you like a freight train full of cock sockets. When dick plows into poontang, the aftermath can be messy. Were talking jizz everywhere! When prick meets ass, forget about it. All the Anal Mayhem youv'e come to expect from Pierre Woodman is here. Hustler's "Superfuckers 20" is loaded with ass to mouth antics, double penetrations and plenty of gaping cornholes. Believe us: Hustler's "Superfuckers 20" is a high speed, carnal collision you don't want to miss!

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