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2006 - 5:00:00



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Studio: Vivid
Director: Tristan Taormino

Seven stars. One house. 36 hours. No rules. No script. No schedule. Just sex ... The way they want it. A 3 hour movie with 8 sex scenes. Imagine an uncensored, intimate look at seven stars who know who they are and what they want. When left to their own devices for two days, anything goes. Marie has an unforgettable 'first' with Mika and Jack. Kurt takes on sex-deprived Taryn. Jack fulfills a long-time fantasy with Dana. Mr. Marcus exhausts Marie. Mika and Taryn venture into taboo territory with Kurt. Kana lets her inner slut come out to play with Mr. Marcus ... Nothing is off limits from rimming and facials to strap-ons, anal, and double penetration, they do it all. Get a unique perspective as they film each other with their own "perv cam" and share personal revelations in the private confessional. Watch them test each other's boundaries and push their sexuality to the limits. See all the elements come together in this wild experiment: raw emotions, spontaneous sex, explosive orgasms, and that one ingredient that drives everything: chemistry. Featuring 2-disc DVD set, over 1 hour of bonus footage including more sex scenes, music by Indie Bands Goodfinger and Boxelder, shot in high definition, dvd-rom compatible, no regional coding, chapter search, photo gallery, and previews.

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