American Gunk

American Gunk video
American Gunk video
Studio: Evolution Erotica (2003)
Director: Guy Capo
Runtime: 1:34:00

What happens when porn gets penetrated by parody, politics, and protest? What happens when society meets satire in a sex scene? The birth of American Gunk, that's what. Part porno, part pornographic music video, and totally entertaining, American Gunk explores the revolutionary aspects of adult film with Guy Capo's directorial debut. Playing off of reality TV, current events, the state of the nation, and much more, American Gunk's cinematic style is sure to grab and keep your attention. Scored with an original soundtrack by Mondolux, Morphic Resonance, and other cutting edge artists, this is perhaps one of the best choreographed and deliberately edited films to date. A must-have for any well-rounded collection, this film offers not only the best in hardcore pornography, but a cinematic style that you will enjoy watching time and time again. If you want something truly different to get you off, you want "American Gunk: The Shit that Killed the King"