Deep In Style

Deep In Style video
Deep In Style video
Studio: Club Jenna (2006)
Director: Laurent Sky

Camera, lights, glamour, sex!
Once again, director Laurent Sky expands our mind as he raises the bar with his latest work of art "Deep In Style." A fitting follow-up to the rave reviews and five stars he received from AVN for his two previous masterpieces "Raw Desire" and "Porno Revolution." It's a special brand of razzle-dazzle like nothing in adult. Hardcore sex and fashion combine to form another vision altogether in new realms of beauty, lust and unforgettable sexual imagery. So get ready for the ride of your life as you go "DEEP IN STYLE," into fashion and porn. Die-hard Sky World Fans, this movie is rated 100% SKY STYLE. Featuring chapter search, no regional coding, and dvd-rom compatible.


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