Un-Natural Sex 15

Un-Natural Sex 15 video
Un-Natural Sex 15 video
Studio: Diabolic (2005)
Director: Chico Wang
Runtime: 2:17:00

Diabolic's Un-Natural Sex series is all about an exploration of the female sphincter. After all, pussy is for love. The taboo involving the female rectum is all about romance. When a girl gets her asshole throttled to her maximum capacity, only then can she feel like true romance at it's highest degree. Once the fat cock starts sliding up and down her poop chute, she starts to feel like a true woman as she feels every inch exploring every crevice, every nook and cranny of her colon. In this series, every girl goes straight for the anus Psychotic, un-inhibited anal sex abounds filled to the rim with pork-dipped blowjobs, double penetrations, and insatiable colon cleansing.