Precious Pink 2

Precious Pink 2 video
Precious Pink 2 video
Studio: Hustler (2001)
Director: Herve Bodilis
Runtime: 1:31:00

Pussy is the source of all great art. The female form, designed to titillate, and built to fornicate, has been the most popular subject since the first Neanderthal scrawled his pent-up sexual frustration on a cave wall. "Precious Pink 2" salutes man's endless quest to express his unending lust for the crack between a woman's legs. Brushstrokes, pages of prose, and strains of music fall short in comparison to the beauty of a steamy string of jizz, lovingly splattered across a tramp's panting face. "Precious Pink 2" is a hardcore masterpiece.
Also known as "Precious Pink Body Business 2" and "Pussy that Inspires"

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