Private Sports 2 - Rock Hard

Private Sports 2 - Rock Hard video
Private Sports 2 - Rock Hard video
Studio: Private (2003)
Director: Gianfranco Romagnoli
Runtime: 2:20:00

Private's latest sports spectacular, "Rock Hard" is filled with tons of hard-hitting, flesh-pounding action -- and there are lots of great boxing scenes too! Director Gianfranco Romagnoli packs punches and passion into this film, as well as an all-star cast of gorgeous beauties -- including Rita Faltoyano, Cony Ferrara, Stacy Silver, Mick Blue, Leila, Zenza Raggi, Jennifer Dark, and Lea Farlow. "Rock Hard" gives a number of interesting twists to the familiar tale of Rocky (Robert Rosenberg), a down-and-out boxer who fights just to try and make ends meet. When the money he makes from boxing isn't enough, Rocky works on the side as an enforcer for the mob. But Rocky is a really simple man with a soft heart who only wants to whisk Adriana (Rita Faltoyano), the shy girl who works at the pet store, off her feet. Rocky gets his chance at success when heavy-weight champion, Apollo Creek, needs a replacement fighter for a prize fight. Can Rocky overcome the odds and win the fight? Will he capture the heart of beautiful Adriana? Find out in the action-packed "Rock Hard!"
Also known as "Private Sports 2"