Emotion video
Emotion video
Studio: Erotic Media (2002)
Director: D'Salvo
Runtime: 1:42:00

A respected doctor and his impeccable wife lead a peaceful life ... until recently. Haunted by sexual dreams of her husband with other women, Nicole finds herself on the threshold, helplessly witnessing the sordid reality of her husband's lustful rapport.

This film was originally released in Italy under the title "Infamia" by Moonlight.

Scene Breakdown
1. Jessica May | Mick Blue
2. Alexa May | Kris Newz
3. Mandy Bright | David Perry
4. Sandra Iron | David Perry
5. Krisztina Bella | Alberto Rey | Franco Roccaforte
6. Laura Angel | Alex Mantegna
7. Lara Angel | Mandy Bright | David Perry

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