Janine's Been Blackmaled

Janine's Been Blackmaled video
Janine's Been Blackmaled video
Studio: Vivid (2005)
Director: Paul Thomas
Runtime: 1:36:00

Once you go black ... Janine likes her men well behaved, very well behaved. Wash her panties, paint her toenails, cook her dinner, lick her asshole and shut the fuck up. And if Julian has a private dick following her every move, that's ok too. Let him find out how she fucks half the neighborhood when he's away ... the black half. Blackmaled. It's about pain, pleasure, sado-masochism, what is truly kinky ... in the mind of Janine.


Scene Breakdown
1. Chris Cannon | Eve Lawrence
2. Janine | Julian
3. Jamie Brooks | Taylor Knight | Vincent Vega
4. Cynthia Pendragon | Julian
5. Janine | Mr Marcus | Sean Michaels
6. Evan Stone | Janine