Booty Fest 2

Booty Fest 2 video
Studio: Sinister (2000)
Director: Alex Ladd

Is there anything more magnificent than a woman's ass? We don't think so, and, apparently, neither do you. Since you buy so damn many copies of these things. But, hey, we're not complaining. We can't get enough either, and this volume is our dream come true. Drop dead gorgeous girls pulling down their panties, bending over and wiggling their booties, then getting them stuffed with cock. Alex Ladd found more Eurosluts who only like getting fucked up their ass, then he found them some studs, and captured it all on tape. Rectal reamings and booty rooterings abound. Blondes, brunettes, light skin, dark skin, big tits and little tits. And splooge shots galore. This is the booty bomb!

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