Bad Habits

Bad Habits video
Bad Habits video
Studio: Sin City (2001)
Director: Michael Raven
Runtime: 1:21:00

Michael Raven takes a break from dark, moody atmosphere and complicated plots to kick back and indulge in sex for the sake of sex. Bad Habits is an all-sex vid featuring some of adult's hotter whores and some slutty newcomers which uses common, everyday locales and ordinary situations to launch into some degrading and debauched filth as only Raven can do it. A cigar bar becomes a hotbed of lust when Inari Vachs starts smoking Dillion Day's dick. Dale DaBone and Joey Ray are bank robbers and Dominica Leoni is their accomplice. So they double penetrate her to celebrate a heist. Taylor St. Claire is a gynecologist and Jewell Marceau is her willing sex slave-pat-ient. Here's proof Bad Habits can be good for you.