Violation of Audrey Hollander

Violation of Audrey Hollander video
Violation of Audrey Hollander video
Studio: JM Productions (2004)
Director: Jim Powers
Runtime: 1:26:00

Audrey Hollander is your typical stuck-up head cheerleader. You know, the kind that dates the star quarterback and makes life hell for all the nerdy kids in school. Worse still, all her bitchy antics take all the fun out of being a lipstick lesbian cheerleader, and that's just unacceptable. After putting up with her prissy bullshit for far too long, the rest of the squad decides to teach this redhead cunt a much deserved lesson -- a lesson in how much sexual torment you can endure before reaching your psychological breaking point.

Scene Breakdown
1. Ashley Blue | Kelly Kline
2. Ashley Blue | Audrey Hollander | Brodi | Gia Paloma | Kelly Kline | Tyla Wynn