Hustler Confidential - Circle of Deceit 2 video
Hustler Confidential - Circle of Deceit 2 movie
2004 - 1:40:00


Feature European

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Studio: Hustler
Director: Patrick Handsome

What goes around comes around, and in the thrilling conclusion of Circle of Deceit, all the lies, betrayal and lust come to a head. Director Patrick Handsome turns up the heat in his XXX tale of greed. The fateful journey of a highly coveted ring causes as much misery as it does ecstasy. Everything comes full circle, and everyone comes full force. The fierce fucking, ass-banging, cock-gobbling, nut-busting, jizz-slurping action is as stimulating and unpredictable as life itself. Circle of Deceit 2 packs a payoff with an aftermath that will take more than a couple of tissues to clean up.

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