Hustler Confidential - Sex Tape Scandal 2 video
Hustler Confidential - Sex Tape Scandal 2 movie
2003 - 1:51:00



Studio: Hustler
Director: Patrick Handsome

Everything comes to a head in "Sex Tape Scandal 2." Remember all the intrique and mystery in the first part of Sex Tape Scandal? Your eyes glued to the screen transfixed by all the high-octane fucking and sucking. Jizz flew and cunt juice squirted. The whole affair truly was scandalous. Guess what? You aingt seen nothing yet. This hardcore finale takes care of all leftover loose ends -- by cramming them full of cock. "Sex Tape Scandal 2" is the final word in smut. After all, who wouldn't love to see a blackmailing babe get hers ... in the end?