Precious Pink 14

Precious Pink 14 video
Precious Pink 14 video
Studio: Hustler (2003)
Director: Herve Bodilis
Runtime: 1:35:00

Everybody loves pussy. Hustler's "Precious Pink 14" is a love letter to everyone's favorite female opening. Director Patrick Handsome (High Octane, White-Hot Nurses, Circle of Deceit) recruited the finest twat in the whole world for his latest homage to the most beloved hole in the world. These stunning cunts are here for one purpose and one purpose only - to fuck like there's no tomorrow. They gobble cock, slurp semen and, of course, open their velvet lips wide for huge rods. A million pussy fans can't be wrong. Slit is it, and Hustler's "Precious Pink 14" gives the people what they want - pussy, pussy, and more pussy.


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