Naked Hollywood 21 and 22

Naked Hollywood 21 and 22 video
Naked Hollywood 21 and 22 video
Studio: Adam and Eve (2003)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 2:56:00

Love and Math: Lust and intrigue rule the day in the hottest chapter yet of Naked Hollywood! Lindsey plays the L.A. dating game and prepares to move her radio show to New York. Annie continues her scorching secret liaison with Tori's ex-fiance Justin. Tori heats things up with her old boyfriend Chad and decides to move back to San Francisco. And sparks fly between Monica and her married friend Richard. It's all a calculated game, where, "Relaionships aren't science, they're life, and that's messy..."
Goodbye: Our horny heroines go out with a BANG in the final episode of the sin-tillating Naked Hollywood series! After a farewell fling with Stephen, Lindsey throws a going away party where Monica sneaks off with her Latin lover for a goodbye grope! Annie tries to patch things up with Tori, but finds herself in the open arms of a new lady love. Make-ups and break-ups abound as we bid adieu to the horniest honeys in Hollywood!


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