Naked Hollywood 19 and 20

Naked Hollywood 19 and 20 video
Naked Hollywood 19 and 20 video
Studio: Adam and Eve (2003)
Director: Toni English
Runtime: 3:11:00

Episode 19: Be careful what you wish for ... Lindsey's 40th birthday leaves her questioning her sex appeal! Pals Tori, Annie and Monica hire Lindsey a stripper - but Tori is the one who takes home the cake (and the stripper)! Monica visits a sex club -- where Nicole Sheridan, Voodoo and TJ Hart nearly set the sprinklers off! And Lindsey gets a late-night birthday surprise from old flame Evan Stone!
Episode 20: What's real when it comes to sex? The orgasms, the sweet nothings ... or nothing? Lindsey experiments with a taste of submission when she joins two slave girls and their master! Monica quickly finds her reality is questioned when good guy boyfriend John West does another girl in the dark corner of a club. And Annie discovers even good friends can betray one another when a man's involved ...