Dreaming of Silvia

Dreaming of Silvia video
Dreaming of Silvia video
Studio: Pleasure (2000)
Director: Jim Gunn

Sexy housewife, Silvia Saint, gets little sympathy from philandering hubby, Brick Majors, when she tells him about the intense and erotic dreams that are plaguing her sleep. Delaney and Trey are just two of the nasty lovers who pervade her dreams in their smoking hot leather enhanced lovemaking. But Brick is not above soothing Silvia's trepidations with a little backdoor loving! Later, at the office, Brick is seducing slutty assistant, Heaven Leigh, while Silvia is indulging her fantasies with the aid of a dream analysis book, as well as European gal pal, Daniella, in some sexy girl/girl action! Will Silvia find peace in her utmost fantasies? Tune in ... and keep Dreaming of Silvia!