Naked Hollywood 17 & 18

Naked Hollywood 17 & 18 video
Naked Hollywood 17 & 18 video
Studio: Adam and Eve (2003)
Director: Toni English
Runtime: 3:20:00

Enjoy this double-feature combo of NAKED HOLLYWOOD 17: Lights, Camera Action and NAKED HOLLYWOOD 18: Real Life! *** ** ***
Good times await our favorite femmes at 100% Fun, a new club that lets you live out your fantasies and go home with your own video memento. Choose from the Bondage Room, the Doctor's Exam Room or the Ride 'Em Cowboy Coral -- sizzling sex waits behind every door!
Ah, Hollywood, where everyone's a star -- and if they're not -- they can be!
** * **
** REAL LIFE ** When is a reality show more than a reality show? That's the question our L.A. ladies ask in episode 18 (Real Life). When Lindsey jumps at the chance to work with a movie producer on a film of her life, everyone wants in on the action, but this "Sex and the City" take off expects the girls to take it off – all off! It turns out this docu-drama is really a triple-x movie with Monica, Tori and Anne as stars. *** ** ***

Scene Breakdown
1. Keri Windsor | Stormy Daniels | Joel Lawrence
2. Asia Carrera | Steven St Croix
3. Ashley Long | Randy Spears
4. Dee | Juliana Kinkaid | Mark Ashley
5. Nina Hartley | Dillon Day
6. John West | Keri Windsor
7. Jay Crew | Nina Hartley
8. Eric Price | Sunset Thomas
9. Dee | Kristal Summers
10. Alex Sanders | Asia Carrera