Repo Girl

Repo Girl video
Repo Girl video
Studio: Digital Playground (2003)
Director: Robby D
Runtime: 1:40:00

Staying out of trouble requires a little dirty work. Acclaimed writer / director Robby D., gives new meaning to 'sexual, dark comedy' with Repo Girl. In a strange twist of fate, Repo Girl is a fun story about a girl who has to steal cars to stay out of jail, only this time it's legal! Can she do it? Does Celeste have what it takes to be a Repo Girl?


Scene Breakdown
1. Aurora Snow | Tyce Bune
2. Vicki Vogue | Mickey G
3. Fallon Sommers | Eric Masterson
4. Becky Wilde | Penny Flame
5. Reese | Tyce Bune

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