Island Fever

Island Fever video
Island Fever video
Studio: Digital Playground (2000)
Director: Joone
Runtime: 1:22:00

Paradise is Relative ... Heaven is Absolute. Immerse yourself in an island sanctuary where all your senses are stimulated by unending, relentless passion. Relax and let the island goddesses, Tera Patrick, Briana Banks and Julia Ann, nurture your spirit, among other things. You'll realize it's not the tropical sun that's making you sweat ... it's Island Fever! And there is no cure.


Scene Breakdown
1. Tera Patrick | Devin Wolf
2. Julia Ann | Devin Wolf
3. Tera Patrick | Bobby Vitale
4. Briana Banks | Julia Ann | Bobby Vitale
5. Briana Banks | Tera Patrick | Bobby Vitale | Devin Wolf
6. Tera Patrick | Devin Wolf