Bikini Beach 1

Bikini Beach 1 video
Bikini Beach 1 video
Studio: Coast To Coast (1993)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:20:00

Some like it hot, and some like it hotter! Come play with us in paradise. Come to BIKINI BEACH. Come see beautiful men and women show of their perfect bodies. If you come to the Bikini beach you are nowhere but in paradise. Where else can you get sun, sexy girls and much more. Day 1: Arrived at our hotel in Paradise. Seven girls and 3 guys ... this could turn out to be deliciously fun! Day 2: The warm sun, the fragrant breezes, and the exotic drinks are bound to help you get lucky today! Day 3: Had incredible sex on the beach, in the water, up on the cliffs and with a different girl each time! And that was yesterday! Today, I'm going to do two or three girls at one time. Outrageous! Day 4: The heck with this diary ... who's got the time ...