Beyond Desire

Beyond Desire video
Beyond Desire video
Studio: VCA (1986)
Director: Tim McDonald
Runtime: 1:25:00

Most guys can only fantasize about being locked-up in a whorehouse full of gorgeous raving babes like Seka and Vanessa Del Rio ... but for a private detective like me, Mark Lowe, it's all in a day's work (or should that be "night's work?"). You see, Carla is afraid her little house of joy is going to be taken over by baddie Howie Mann ... and that's where I fit in. As long as I'm watching over the place, Howie will have a tough time pulling any funny stuff. Of course, my relationship with the girls is supposed to be "purely professional", but things don't always work out the way you plan 'em, if you catch my drift. So if you're looking for some hearty laughs, a little action, and a lot of hot sex, look no further than my hottest adventure ever, BEYOND DESIRE. You won't be disappointed ...

Scene Breakdown
1. Kristara Barrington | May Lawrence | Billy Dee
2. DJ Cone | Little Oral Annie | Rocky Balboa
3. Renee Tiffany | John Leslie
4. Ashley Welles | John Leslie
5. Nina Hartley | Seka | Francois Papillon
6. Patti Petite | Joey Silvera | Jon Martin
7. Gina Carrera | Mike Horner
8. Vanessa Del Rio | Scorpio
9. Rene Lovins | John Leslie