New Wave Hookers 5

New Wave Hookers 5 video
New Wave Hookers 5 video
Studio: VCA (1998)
Director: Michael Ninn
Runtime: 2:07:00

Award-winning director Michael Ninn assumes the throne of the NEW WAVE HOOKERS legacy, bravely going where Greg Dark couldn't--and wouldn't go before. Wielding his now famaliar formula of flashy special effects, MTV-style camera work and brooding art direction, Ninn throws in a bit of uncharacteristic slapstick and cartoon-style humor to create a whole new chapter in one of the most popular adult series ever made. With a plot too wierd to describe here, NWH5 is a surreal saga populated by clowns and Japanese businessmen, talking televions and mad scientists, monks and pimps and other oddities of the Ninn psyche.

With non-sex appearances by Ron Jeremy, Jamie Gillis, Scotty Schwartz, Mr. Marcus and a special post-mortem appearance by Jack Baker.