Minori Aoi - Precious Moments

Minori Aoi - Precious Moments video
Minori Aoi - Precious Moments video
Studio: AVE (2000)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:00:00

Lovely Minori Aoi still has nostalgic feelings for her college years. Therefore, whenever she returns to the cabin lodge in the snowy mountains for her winter retreats, Minori will spend most of her time reflecting on the fond memories. Join Minori as she reminiscences her good old days, like trying out the various sports in her skimpy sportswear at the gym, or spending her summer break at the spa, playing with her teddy bear and wearing just a revealing kimono. With her melting smile, wonderfully white skin, and a body that's every other girl's dream. Minori will make you feel young all over again.


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