Debbie Does 'Em All

Debbie Does 'Em All video
Debbie Does 'Em All video
Studio: Cal Vista (1984)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:17:00

Debbie (Angel) finally gets the job she wanted as a stewardess. On her first flight she meets her old friend Pam (Shanna McCullough), who brings her to an orgy during their layover. What results is the wildest array of sex you've ever seen!
Debbie flies to Miami where she meets Antone (Jamie Gillis), who has a very erotic love scene with her. Jamie brings the best out of Angel. When a flight is cancelled for Angel to go to Atlanta to meet with her boyfriend (Rod Grant), he instead takes up with the maid who is just delivering the champagne. He gets a great head job before she pours the bubbly!
Debbie, played by Angel, is one of the most beautiful women in adult films! Watch DEBBIE DOES 'EM ALL! It's the hottest and best Debbie of them all!

Scene Breakdown
1. Angel | Shanna McCullough | Nick Niter
3. Lynx Canon | Dan T Mann
4. Angel | Jamie Gillis
5. Lili Marlene | Rod Grant
6. Cory Marjon | Jonathon Younger
7. Angel | Lana Emerson
8. Angel | Rod Grant