Kiss video
Kiss video
Studio: Wicked (1995)
Director: Jim Enright
Runtime: 1:27:00

Jenna's back, and this time she's really getting in touch with herself. You know, the nasty little slut that resides in the innermost regions of her very naughty psyche. The catalyst? A mysterious stranger with a lot to teach, to feel and to experience. The deepest secrets are about to be unlocked, and they're only a KISS away.

Scene Breakdown
1. Jenna Jameson
2. Stacie | Steven St Croix
3. Jenna Jameson | Sabrina Gelata | TT Boy
4. Tanja Gold | Jake Steed | Tom Byron
5. Shannon Rush | Bob Magnum
6. Nancy Vee
7. Jenna Jameson | Peter North
8. Anna Amore | Jenna Jameson | Taboo
9. Jenna Jameson | Nancy Vee
10. Jenna Jameson | Mike Horner