Best of Danielle

Best of Danielle video
Studio: Wet Video (1987)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:00:00

Danielle was one of the first blonde porn superstars, a woman whose stunning good looks seemed almost out of place in a hardcore flick, until you saw her in action, that is. Danielle had a toned, tanned body with a backside to beat the band and large, enhanced breasts that strained the seams of many a costume......Danielle was a naturally sexy starlet whose personality and good looks demanded your attention. She debuted in the hardcore industry in 1981, while still just eighteen years old, and her star took off when the video boom hit the porn world....Danielle was known as a hard-charging sexer who took control of her carnal scenes and drove them relentless forward with a lusty abandon. Danielle never met a stud she could not' handle and was willing to go anywhere and do anything for the camera. Her career spanned the decade, finally ending in late 1988. During that span she build herself a reputation as the nastiest blonde strumpet on the scene, a woman willing to do anything and anyone in the name of hardcore heat.

Scene Breakdown
1. Danielle Martin | Nina Hartley
2. Danielle Martin | David Christopher
3. Danielle Martin | Sandra Nova | Gabriel Pontello
4. Danielle Martin | Joey Silvera
5. Danielle Martin | Lois Ayres
6. Danielle Martin | Renee Summers
7. Danielle Martin
8. Brooke Fields | Danielle Martin
9. Danielle Martin | Siobhan Hunter

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