Best of Buttman 2

Best of Buttman 2 video
Best of Buttman 2 video
Studio: Evil Angel (1993)
Director: John Stagliano
Runtime: 2:10:00

Directed by John Stagliano (Buttman). The director has reedited his scene with Talia James from ULTIMATE WORKOUT and his scene with Krisstarah Knight and Brandy Alexandre from SHADOW DANCERS #2. Both of these had been cut short in their original form. He also went back and found all the great butt action we missed. He also claims to have gotten off 6 times on the Talia scene before he was through editing it ... He also has a bunch more scenes here for ya'

Scene Breakdown
1. Talia James | John Stagliano | Tom Byron
2. Brandy Alexandre | Kristarrah Knight | Randy Spears
3. Sandra | John Stagliano
4. Bella Donna | Jesse Adams
5. Sunny Daye | Blake Palmer
6. Tashawna | Felipe
7. Trixie Tyler | John Stagliano
8. Tashawna | Tom Byron
9. Nina Hartley | Sydney St James | John Stagliano | Shawn Ricks

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