Dirty Dirty Debutantes 17 video
Dirty Dirty Debutantes 17 movie
1999 - 1:58:00


Anal Pro-am

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Cast of Dirty Dirty Debutantes 17

Studio: New Machine
Director: Ed Powers

While you're waiting for More Dirty Debutantes to turn 100- this volume of Dirty Dirty Debutantes is full of special moments and first timers. That's right- actual Dirty Debs gracing this volume. Don't look for quantity here- look for quality. Lovely- compact- Cambodian Soy Linn's body- less than 5 feet tall- is adorable as she is. This is her first time. Miya is amazing- eager but shy- just the way we like it- and it's her first time too. In the true spirit of the Dirty Dirty series- one of your faves and mine- Tami Kahn returns. Do you like cuties? Love Asians? This one's for you!

Scene Breakdown of Dirty Dirty Debutantes 17
1. Ed Powers | Tami Kahn
2. Ed Powers | Soy Lin
3. Ed Powers | Miya
4. Ed Powers | Miya

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DD 16 in my opinion is XTRAordinary in every way, especially with all the sexy talent. It's almost possible to call this Ed's personal favorite.