Bend Over Brazilian Babes 2

Bend Over Brazilian Babes 2 video
Bend Over Brazilian Babes 2 video
Studio: Evil Angel (1993)
Director: John Stagliano
Runtime: 2:20:00

Sabrina had blonde hair- green eyes- and the MOST PERFECT- BIG- ROUND CHEEKS I've ever found! Joey and Felipe were both drooling. Afterwards- Joey told me she was "the best" a sweet girl....really into it! Katia couldn't get enough of Felipe on camera. I cought them later in the motel back room. Shy Patia has a killer little body! Rocco and Felipe took Sonya from our wild night at "DREAMS"! The next day we met 3 of the best girls from "DREAMS" at the local gym. This is the wildest scene I've ever shot in Brazil. Enjoy!

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