Behind Blue Eyes 3

Behind Blue Eyes 3 video
Behind Blue Eyes 3 video
Studio: Moonlight (1990)
Director: Scotty Fox
Runtime: 1:17:00

How blue can you be? Director Scotty Fox pushes the limits of erotica to new boundaries in Behind Blue Eyes #3 to find out. Set in the Italian restaurant, you'll see dishes on the menu you won't find at any other eating establishment. When the cuisine is served, the patrons lick a lot more than just fingers. Hungry yet? See Behind Blue Eyes #3. Betcha can't watch it just once!

Scene Breakdown
1. Sunny McKay | Jon Dough
2. Sabrina Dawn | Mike Horner
3. Nina Hartley | Renee Foxx
4. Nina Hartley | Randy Spears
5. Renee Foxx | Sabrina Dawn | Eric Price