Private Gold 12 - Pyramid 2 video
Private Gold 12 - Pyramid 2 movie
1996 - 1:55:00


Feature European

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Studio: Private
Director: Pierre Woodman

William Reuter and his wife Elisabeth are archaeologists. While exploring the forbidden Abukir ruins, they discovered a stone containing a map of the pyramids. After numerous adventures with a fisherman they head for the pyramids and reveal an invaluable treasure in a sarcophagus, an Egyptian princess who has managed to stay alive for an amazing 4000 years! While the minister of culture is amusing himself with 15 harem girls, William and Karim return to the hotel only to find that Elisabeth and the goddess Amira have been arrested by the secret police. Karim decides that they need backup. Two men enter the desert and head for a secluded part where the mercenaries reside. William promises them a share in the treasure if they succeed in freeing his wife. All this while Elisabeth and the goddess are locked up and chained together and desperate for a way to escape their kidnappers. The second in the award-winning epic trilogy "The Pyramid"! Filmed exclusively on location in Egypt, on an unheard of budget of over $1 million, "The Pyramid" has been described as the best adult movie ever made. Director Pierre Woodman literally risked his life daring to film inside the Great Pyramid of Abu-Sur -- where ANY KINDS OF PHOTOGRAPHY IS STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. Penthouse pet, Tania Russof, leads a cast of more than 40 world-class beauties in this bewildering orgy of outrageous anal sex, blistering blowjobs and incomparable double-penetrations.

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