Playthings video
Playthings video
Studio: Studio A (1999)
Director: Andrew Blake
Runtime: 2:00:00

Do you like to savor beautiful long legs and full, natural bare breasts? Ever Wonder what it's like for a gorgeous, leggy young woman to be photographed intimately and explicitly for the titillation of the world? Dahlia Grey and her four stunning co-stars give you an idea of the arousing possibilities, with special emphasis on glamorous legs and erotic tease. Playthings is about the risqu?world of nude modeling, body worship, sexual obsession, exhibitionism, and the sensual women eager to display their luscious forms for your pleasure. As you can see by the image you hold in your hands, Dahlia's majestic form is the perfection of beauty. She's considered one of the most ravishing women appearing in either erotic or mainstream films.

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