Real Sex Magazine 31 video
Real Sex Magazine 31 movie
2000 - 1:28:00

Studio: Juicy Entertainment
Director: William Wittrock

18 year-old Belladonna just arrived from Utah and this was her first video. Since she hadn't had sex for over a month, she was super-horny and really enjoyed getting fucked. She had so much fun that she let Chris put it in her ass, something she had never done before. She said she came 4 or 5 times! Another horny girl visiting from Utah, Violet Blue, has danced and pranced, but never been photographed before. This girl really likes to be fucked hard and Jay gives her everything she wants, including a deep ass-pounding, before unloading on her pussy. It's great to shoot girls who enjoy themselves so much! 19 year-old Nikki is from Slovenia and doesn't speak much English. She was able to tell us how much she likes sex, however, and went ahead and proved it by doing a rousing first-ever scene. And you know you'd swear she was screaming in English as she gets her asshole reamed! Born in San Diego and raised in Wyoming, 20 year-old Jolene is the perfect girl-next-door. With her cute face, athletic hard-body, and long wavy hair, she's the kind of girl men would give anything to score. Unfortunately, she doesn't like having a lot of sex, but does masturbate for us!

Scene Breakdown of Real Sex Magazine 31
1. Belladonna | Chris Cannon
2. Noname Jane | Jay Ashley
3. Niki Moore | Rick Masters
4. Jolene

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