Affairs of Desire

Affairs of Desire video
Affairs of Desire video
Studio: Wicked (1999)
Director: Alain Payet
Runtime: 1:39:00

ARE YOU A GAMBLing MAN? NIKKI'S HUSBAND WAS AND HE LOST!Just how far are you willing to go to satisfy that wandering eye? Well- when you're risking the charms of the very comely Nikki Anderson- you might just think twice about that little gamble. When Roberto finds that life at the gas station aingt all it's cracked up to be- he begins a string of more and more daring adulterous liaisons- little knowing that Nikki harbors a few desires of her own. Will he finally see the error of his ways? Or will Nikki turn the tables? The only way to find out is to take a chance on AFFAIRS OF DESIRE.

Scene Breakdown
1. Nikki Anderson | Roberto Malone
2. Nikki Anderson | Roberto Malone
3. Karen Lancaume | Nikki Anderson | Roberto Malone
4. Anastasia | Bruno Assix | Eric Leroi
5. Lisa Belle | Roberto Malone
6. Silvia Saint | Hakan
7. Nikki Anderson | David Perry
8. Elodie Cherie | Dino Toscani
9. Kristie Loris | David Perry
10. Nikki Anderson | David Perry

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