Adrenaline video
Adrenaline video
Studio: Sin City (2000)
Director: Michael Raven
Runtime: 1:37:00

Evan Stone is Johnny Six, a hunky drifter who blows into a small southwestern town with his main squeeze Ava Vincent, and the federal authorities hot on his heels. Jessica Drake is an impressionable small town waitress who falls for Six in a big way. But before they can hook up, there's some hot sex between Vincent and Stone, Vincent and local sheriff Dillon Day, and just about any other male with a stiff dick between his legs. Drake eventually wraps her lips around Six's 9-incher before it all ends in a blaze of gunfire as the feds close in on Six and his moll in a scene reminiscent of Bonnie and Clyde. Adrenaline is a mix of Natural Born Killers, Terence Malick's Badlands, and hard core, XXX sex shot as only Michael Raven can do it. See why this film was nominated for Best Film and why Evan Stone picked up the AVN Award for Best Actor in a Film for his portrayal of Johnny Six. Check it out!

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