Bad Girls 4

Bad Girls 4 video
Bad Girls 4 video
Studio: Collectors (1986)
Director: David I Frazier, Svetlana
Runtime: 1:42:00

The sizzling sex comedy of the year! Filmed on location in 35mm, featuring original music, with plenty of gorgeous girls and handsome men. The movie mixes red hot sex and heavy laughs in a tale of three passionate young ladies who leave Kansas to find fame and fortune. It's the story of a modern-day Casanova and his quest to establish a world record for loving women and win a $150,000 prize. BAD GIRLS #4 boasts one of the largest- star-studded casts ever to appear in an adult movie and the wildest wedding ever filmed.

Scene Breakdown
1. Lorelei Rand | Jamie Gillis
2. Monique Gabrielle
3. Shauna Grant | Richard Pacheco
4. Roxanne Rollan | Susan Hart | Jamie Gillis
5. Rikki Blake | Jamie Gillis
6. Gail Sterling | Kathy Kay | Lynn Francis | Jamie Gillis
7. Laurie Smith | Rachel Ashley | Jamie Gillis
8. Laurien Wilde | Jamie Gillis