Beast video
Beast video
Studio: Sin City (2000)
Director: Michael Raven

Christian, aka Beast, is an adult actor who plays repressed submissive characters in videos. But his sexual itch is never satisfied in the roles he acts. It's Beauty, played by Jessica Drake, who obsesses him. In his free time, he frequents the S&M leather bars around L.A. where he's repeatedly faced with Beauty at every turn—or is it? His mind plays tricks on him until he actually does meet the mistress of his dreams. Beauty, in the meantime, works in a fetish club, playing out the bizarre and disturbing fantasies of her clients. Eventually, the two meet and develop a doomed relationship, but their brief romance comes to an abrupt end after a violent and deadly confrontation between the owner of the fetish club where Beauty plies her kinky trade and Beast. Michael Raven has pulled out the stops in this feature shot on film, and what he's shot will shock you, astound you, disturb you, but you'll never forget it. The Beast has been tamed.