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Studio: Dreamland (1988)
Director: Eric Edwards, Jerry Ross, Roy Karch
Runtime: 1:25:00

This semester, all the teachers pet! SCHOOL'S BACK and this institution of sexual advancement will never be the same. This semester, luscious Erica Boyer heads up an all-star cast of academic students, majoring in erotica 101, who love staying after class to learn the RIGHT way to earn an "A."

Scene Breakdown
1. Tanya Lawson | Tom Byron
2. Nina Hartley | Randy Paul
3. Crystal Breeze | Renee Tiffany
4. Misty Regan
5. Lois Ayres | Jerry Butler
6. Carol Titian | Randy Paul
7. Erica Boyer | Tanya Foxx
8. Nikki Knights | Jon Martin
9. Shanna McCullough | Randy Paul
10. Erica Boyer | Herschel Savage

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