Ashlyn Gere's Realities 2

Ashlyn Gere's Realities 2 video
Ashlyn Gere's Realities 2 video
Studio: Zane (1992)
Director: Layne Parker
Runtime: 1:25:00

Zane and director A.J. Lane are proud to present the stunning sequel to last year's steamiest video. Ashlyn's back doing the things you never dreamed you'd see, and she only dreamed she'd do. We're talking her first ever DP, orgies, and oh yes, she's in for a close shave as well. Realities 2. Would Ashlyn Gear let you down? Get real.

Scene Breakdown
1. Ashlyn Gere | Teri Diver | Steve Hatcher
2. Ashlyn Gere | Kris Newz | Steve Hatcher | Tim Lake | Todd Alexander
3. Ashlyn Gere | Bionca | Marc Wallice | TT Boy
4. Ashlyn Gere | Melanie Moore | Rick Masters
5. Ashlyn Gere | Marc Wallice | TT Boy

First Timers
Ashlyn Gere
first Double Penetration