Only the Best 3 - Then 'Til Now

Only the Best 3 - Then 'Til Now video
Only the Best 3 - Then 'Til Now video
Studio: Cal Vista
Director: Jim Holliday
Runtime: 2:00:00

CAL VISTA responds to viewer requests. ONLY THE BEST 3 is a visual mini-history of explicit adult entertainment. From the best known stag film with Candy Barr to the hottest stag with an unknown legend - all the way to a mind boggling scene shot specifically for this tape. Porn through the ages offers the full gamut of sex - from the hot and horny to tender and sensitive. Award winning scenes with your favorite stars. As always, only the highest calibre, most erotic moments quality for inclusion. The quality you've come to expect remains intact. You will find scenes worthy of the title of the book and the tape series ... ONLY THE BEST. Jim Holliday, the unquestioned leading adult film authority, interviews Nina, Bionca and two Hall of Fame Sharons and reveals insights and facets of these superstars not found in phony publicity stories. Something for everyone, designed for maximum viewer enjoyment. Two full hours of the very best - from the 40's to the 90's, with emphasis on The Golden Age and all-time recent winners. All scenes are drenchingly explicit ... That's why they're ONLY THE BEST. ONLY THE BEST 3 also features something NEVER seen before!

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