Buttman Confidential

Buttman Confidential video
Buttman Confidential video
Studio: Evil Angel (1998)
Director: John Stagliano
Runtime: 4:41:00

Nominated for Best Tease Performance for 1999, AVN. "A genuine masterpiece ... John's sometimes funny, but often disturbingly pain and rage-filled personal recollections boldly lays bare his soul for all to see, and that's completely refreshing ... His trippy, morph-a-delic nine-minute montage of various female body parts is better than anything on MTV ... Overall, Buttman Confidential is a must-have for fans of this series, and a must-watch for people who want an often harsh but realistic look beyond the thin veneer of lust-and fantasy-hawking that hides the scar-tissued heart of one of the true icons of the sex industry." -Screw Magazine. PS, from John Stagliano: "Some of you who have watched BUTTMAN CONFIDENTIAL might be wondering: What the fuck is going on with Buttman?! All I can say is that I hope the video is erotic to you and please remember: I'm Acting! I pull from real events in my life, but these are not things that are happening to me now. I will say that I am very proud of this video." .

Scene Breakdown
1. Michelle Derriere
2. John Stagliano
3. Annie Sprinkle
4. Anita Feller
5. Rumika Powers | Nikki Anderson | Christoph Clark
6. Krysti Lynn
7. Michelle Derriere

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