Biloxi Babes

Biloxi Babes video
Biloxi Babes video
Studio: Western Visuals (1988)
Director: Patty Rhodes
Runtime: 1:08:00

1944 Biloxi, Mississippi. Beau, a patriotic young man anxious to serve his country, learns the true meaning of "basic" training, inspired by a steamy hot Southern belle. Join this fabulous cast of sex superstars in the most fascinating adventures of three generations of war "heroes." They've got much more than basic training.

Scene Breakdown
1. Angel Kelly | Mike Horner
2. Fallon | Joey Silvera
3. Angel Kelly | Nina Hartley
4. Trinity Loren | Shane Hunter
5. Frankie Leigh | Lisa Bright | Renee Morgan | Joey Silvera | Robert Bullock

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