Agony of Arianna

Agony of Arianna video
Agony of Arianna video
Studio: LBO Entertainment
Director: Henri Pachard

Director Henri Pachard became very close with Arianna and her husband, Luc Wylder. He was also very close to Nikki Sin with whom he shared a home briefly. Pachard became fascinated with extremes that some couples could endure while exploring the further edges of sexual expression. Such acts required incredible trust and love. What is shown here reflects this, and what Arianna endures confirms it. The lesbian bondage event between Nikki Sin and Tanya Foxx is another example of Pachard's ability to visually express profound and shocking behavior among women with who hunger for the bizarre, and share unspoken moments that are bound in ecstasy. The scenes in this video are from Pachard's private collection, which he personally taped in the privacy of his home. They have been stored in his safe for over three years.