Gregory Dark's Sex Freaks

Gregory Dark's Sex Freaks video
Gregory Dark's Sex Freaks video
Studio: NuTech (1996)
Director: Gregory Dark
Runtime: 1:41:00

Clowns! Psychos! Cat Women! Perverts! Nymphos! Butt-Junkies!

See a dozen lovelies in hot depraved sexual peril!

Filmmaker's Statement:
"Sex Freaks" is the only film I have ever worked on that actually freaked me out! The story follows Julio Midnight, a man whose power over women knows no limites -- until he meets that one uncounquerable one. Witness Julio's collapse into all-out carnal delerium and get a kick out of the 12 sumptuous beauties I've assembled in this endless parade of kink! Step right up, come on down and get Sex Freaked!
-Gregory Dark
Really nasty, wicked stuff! Plus, a midget and a fat chick!