Cicciolina - The Rise of the Roman Empress

Cicciolina - The Rise of the Roman Empress video
Cicciolina - The Rise of the Roman Empress video
Studio: Paradise Video (1987)
Director: Riccardo Schicchi
Runtime: 1:25:00

Cicciolina, porn star and elected politician, stars as a woman convicted of lewdness in her exotic club act. Her sentence is to perform social work consisting of making house calls to help people with their sexual problems, which end up in the inevitable orgy. And the erotic mass of undulating flesh at the final proves to be well worth the wait!

"I want to make the world a better place for men and women alike," says Cicciolina, Italy's international star of stage and screen and now Parliament. The Rise Of The Roman Empress is the compelling unofficial life story of Italy's newest member of Parliament. This unabashed sex queen believes that in order for people to be happy, she must teach them how to enjoy their lives and loves. So many Italians, so little time! The call goes out to her friends in America, "Help my people find sexual happiness." To the rescue comes the man of the decade, in his last feature film, John Holmes. Can Cicciolina and John save Rome from moral decline? Is decadence destined to rule the world? Is "Orgy Fever" going to ignite the world into a war of sexual passions?

Scene Breakdown
1. Cicciolina | Christoph Clark
2. Cicciolina | John Holmes
3. Amber Lynn | Cicciolina | John Holmes
4. Tracey Adams | Jean Dubay | John Holmes
5. Cicciolina | Maria Longo | Jean-Pierre Armand
6. Cicciolina | Christoph Clark | John Holmes
7. Amber Lynn | Cicciolina | Tracey Adams | Christoph Clark | Jean Dubay | Jean-Pierre Armand | John Holmes