Working Overtime

Working Overtime video
Working Overtime video
Studio: Gourmet/GVC (1989)
Director: Unknown
Runtime: 1:14:00

Sheri St. Clair thinks boss Ron Jeremy has amorous intentions when he
tells her to lock the doors and draw the shades but he really only wants
to check the check the box office receipts. When he finds them
disappointing she, of course, is right there on hand to cheer him up.
When boss Randy West tells Frankie Leigh he'll give her a bonus for a
little x-tra curricular work she bargains on a price then gives him the
blow-job of his career. Lisa DeLeeuw after a year of resisting boss Ron
Jeremy's advances suddenly decides that her rule about not fucking her
employer is standing in the way of her happiness. Alexis Service as an
employee who adores her boss so much she performs the ultimate sacrafice
of fucking his two most important clients. He rewards her with what
else, another fuck. Rich bitch Porshce Lynn insistis that her lawyer
start earning his retainer. He serves a writ of labius corpus, files
his briefs and has his erection sustained. Jacqueline Lorians and Ron
Jeremy as a boss and his secretary who find that after the stress of a
hard mornings work that an all important sex-break sure gives you a

Scene Breakdown
1. Sheri St Clair | Ron Jeremy
2. Frankie Leigh | Randy West
3. Lisa DeLeeuw | Ron Jeremy
4. Alexis X
5. Porsche Lynn
6. Jacqueline Lorians | Ron Jeremy