Wild Heart

Wild Heart video
Studio: Intropics Video (1989)
Director: Henri Pachard
Runtime: 1:23:00

Sharon Kane organizes her frustrated and bored housewife friends (Nina Hartley, Nikki Knights, et al.) into swapping husbands to add zip to their sex lives and keep the men from straying.

Apparently the message is that stupid is sexy - Joey Silvera, a fisherman, proclaims that he prefers "perch to pussy", and his naive wife (Hartley, in a nice comic performance) takes everything people say too literally.

As a Henri Pachard production goes, Wild Heart is far from extraordinary, but even the ordinary from Pachard is a surefire guarantee for quality, in both production and sex.

Robert Bullock and Billy Dee tryst with Nikki Knights in a most satisfying threesome; Even the overused Jerry Butler manages some sparks with Carol Cummings. A very watchable all-sex vid with humorous touches.

Scene Breakdown
1. Nina Hartley | Sharon Kane
2. Nina Hartley | Robert Bullock
3. Nikki Knights | Joey Silvera
4. Carol Cummings | Jerry Butler
5. Nikki Knights | Billy Dee | Robert Bullock
6. Renee Morgan | Sharon Kane | Joey Silvera

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